Choose the NicEdit Components you Need

Use the tool below to customize your own version of NicEdit, Version 0.9 r25 released October 4th, 2015.

NicEdit Standard Edition

nicCore20KCore of nicEdit with basic features, required for all plugins
nicPane1.3KPopup overlay that can contain dialogs, tooltips, select boxes, etc.
nicAdvancedButton2.4KPanel button with support for opening a nicPane with configuration form
nicButtonTips549BTooltips when buttons are moused over describing their function
nicSelect4.1KProvides base select box class and font family, font size, and heading selects
nicLink1KAdds buttons to create page links in nicEdit
nicColors1.4KProvides buttons to control the foreground and background color of text
nicImage961BAdds buttons to insert images in the editor area
nicSave417BA button for nicEdit ajax content saving

Optional NicEdit Plugins

nicUpload2.2KA button to allow users to upload images (hosted by imgur)
nicXHTML1.6KCleans code produced to be XHTML compliant (Experimental)
nicBBCode1.4KAllows nicEdit to create BBCode for use in forums and other applications
nicFloating636BAdds support to create a floating editor panel
nicCode500BAdds button to edit the HTML in a editor

Choose Compression

Compressed NicEdit (no whitespace or comments)
Recommended for deploying NicEdit
Uncompressed NicEdit for development
Only use this to debug or develop NicEdit